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Resolving Everyday Conflict

Resolving Everyday Conflict: Biblical Answers for a Common Problem
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An Eight-Week DVD Study for Groups: One Study ... Two Uses
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Resolving Everyday Conflict is an eight-lesson study that unpacks the amazing things the Bible has to say about conflict and relationships. As you go through this study, you’ll find the powerful and practical answers you are looking for to forever change how conflict looks in your life.

The primary places this study will likely be used are:

  1. The Church - Equip your church members and give them a tool for outreach to the community: This small group bible study will first provide the foundational biblical principles for relationships to your church members—perfect for use in your existing small group ministry. But this study also will help your church reach people that you might otherwise have trouble reaching—the people on the fringe of your church life as well as the unchurched in your community. By offering this study in your church or in other contexts (prison ministry, homeless shelters, crisis pregnancy center, etc.), you can give people practical help with an issue that is relevant—conflict—and teach them about Jesus at the same time.
  2. The Workplace - Help employees deal with conflict at work (and everywhere else): Studying Resolving Everyday Conflict in the workplace has two key benefits: 1) It will help your team members by giving them practical tools to handle conflict at work and outside work; and 2) It is good for your organization—as your team learns to resolve conflict quickly and constructively (or avoid it altogether!), you’ll have a healthier and more productive work environment.

*By the way... Resolving Everyday Conflict works in lots of other places, too. We’ve already heard of it being used as a neighborhood bible study, in prison ministry, in college dorms, and more. So don’t feel limited by the two main uses described here—use it wherever it works best for you!

For sample videos, downloadable examples, and more information on this life-changing study,
see the pages for using the study in the church or workplace context.

Two Flexible Formats for Study: DVD and Online

DVD Format

Here are three reasons you would want to study Resolving Everyday Conflict in the traditional DVD format:

  1. You are doing a traditional group study, where you gather a group in one place, watch a video together (following along in a printed Participant Guide) and then talk through some discussions questions. That's exactly what this study was made for!
  2. It's cost effective for large groups. The resource comes with enough materials for a group of 10, and if you want to add more to your group, all you have to do is buy more Participant Guides.
  3. It provides you with helpful and valuable print supporting materials. In addition to the participants' materials, you also get:
    • Resolving Everyday Conflict book and a Leader's Guide (reference tools for the group leader)
    • Getting Organized guides (one for church setting and one for workplace setting—use the one that best fits your context)
    • Invitation Video and Sample Promotional Materials


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To order Resolving Everyday Conflict in the DVD format, visit our online bookstore or call us at 800-711-7118.

Online Format

We are also pleased to provide Resolving Everyday Conflict in an online self-study format . This format gives you extraordinary flexibility in going through the study whenever you want or wherever you want, provided you have a reasonably good Internet connection. In particular, here are three reasons you'd want to use the online format:

  1. You want to go through the study by yourself. Maybe you don't have a big group near you or otherwise available to you, but are still interested in going through the study. The Online version gives you the opportunity to do the study yourself for a fraction of the cost of the DVD version.
  2. You'd like to "try before you buy." Maybe you are really interested in purchasing the DVD version, but the price seems a little high to buy it sight unseen. The Online version lets you view all the sessions of the study as well as the participant guide contents for one low price. And if you want to purchase the DVD version after you'd tried it out online, we'll discount the price by whatever you paid for the Online version!  So you can minimize your risk without having to spend any extra money.
  3. You have a group you'd like to take through the study, but you can't get them in one place. Maybe there's a group of missionaries your church supports. Or maybe your organization has people spread out all over the country. Or maybe you work with people who gather infrequently, and you just don't have time to do a study like this when you are together. Whatever the case,  the Online version of Resolving Everyday Conflict gives you a great option for providing the training on biblical peacemaking that your people need without the hassle or cost of getting them together physically.  


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Groups (10+)

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Got a big group? Get in touch with us, and we'll work out some special pricing. Call us for details at 406-256-1583.

How it works

  1. You'll register for the Resolving Everyday Conflict online course. Once you've registered, you will receive an enrollment key for the course. (An enrollment key is a special code that "unlocks" an online course, verifying that you have the rights to access it.)
  2. You'll go to the Peacemaker University e-learning site, create a user ID, enter your enrollment code, and then you are free to begin the course.
  3. You'll be given links to download the Particpant Guide in PDF format. (You may print these pages if you like.) 
  4. You can then watch the videos for each of the eight sessions.
  5. After you've watched the video for a session, you can discuss it, ask questions, and apply the concepts with others through a special course discussion board. We can set up a private group discussion for your group if you prefer. Otherwise, you'll be placed in a virtual "class" made up of people who are beginning the course at about the same time you are.
  6. If you ever feel like reviewing, go back and watch any of the sessions at any time!

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