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"Everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher."  Luke 6:40

Welcome to the TRAINING section of Peacemaker Ministries' website. 

Our training courses are designed to supplement and build upon the basic principles of peacemaking, which are given to us in Scripture.  This training is an integral part of embedding peace into your church, your vocation, and indeed, into every aspect of your life through a Gospel-centered Biblical approach to conflict resolution. Students learn how to assist others resolve conflict according to biblical principles and applying the Gospel to their specific situation.

As a church embraces and applies the Gospel along with biblical principles for conflict management it begins the journey of building a culture of peace. When establishing Peacemaking Teams, this training will equip the Peacemaking Team members for their roles as teachers, coaches and mediators within the church. 

Outside the church walls and communities, this training will benefit anyone who has the desire to be a peacemaker in all aspects of life. 

Peacemaker Ministries' Training includes both Foundational Skills as well as Advanced Training (click the links below for details):





Personal Peacemaking

Resolving Everyday Conflict

- Resolving Everyday Conflict small group study (purchased through our bookstore)

- Online Resolving Everyday Conflict course at Peacemaker University

Foundational Skills Training

Conflict Coaching



- Online Conflict Coaching Fundamentals
- Two-day live Conflict Coaching training event, with pre-event self-study

- Two-day live Mediation training event, with pre-event self-study

Advanced Training

Certification Program

Other Advanced Training

- Applying/Enrolling/Completing Practical Experience to earn the designation of a Certified Christian ConciliatorTM

- Certification Training (Advanced Mediation and Intro to Arbitration)
- Reconciling Marital Conflict
- Reconciling Church Conflict


How much does it cost?

Click here for a summary of the costs associated with Peacemaker Ministries' Training.


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