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About Peacemaker Ministries
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For more information about Peacemaker Ministries, please see the following sections:

  • History - A brief overview of the ministry's mission, history, and organizational structure

  • Distinctives  - A description of the ministry's core convictions that differentiate it from other organizations (included the Statement of Faith)

  • Staff and Board - An introduction to Peacemaker Ministries' staff and board members

  • Finances - A description of how Peacemaker Ministries uses those funds which God provides

  • Employment - A listing of employment opportunities at Peacemaker Ministries, as well as the Employment Application 

  • Press Releases - The latest listing of all that's "newsworthy" at Peacemaker Ministries

  • Website Info - Information on the "nuts and bolts" of the site, including a site map, linking guidelines, copyright information, and more.

  • Contact Us - A listing of all Peacemaker Ministries' contact information, as well as a feedback form


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